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Posted on: March 12, 2012 7:29 pm

NFL Draft Blog has moved

As part of an upgrade to the entire CBSSports.com' blog system, the NFLDraftScout.com blog dedicated to the NFL Draft has been moved. 

You will be able to look through past blog posts and I and the other members of NFLDraftScout.com have contributed by checking out the archived pages here but for the future postings, this is where to go. 

Thanks for following along. The fun is just getting started.      

~ Rob Rang 

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 4:02 pm

Can scouts trust Cliff Harris?

One day after news that the top-rated senior cornerback prospect in the West had been arrested came news that the top junior cornerback on the west coast also found himself in legal hot water.

As first reported by The Oregonian's Aaron Fentress, Oregon cornerback Cliff Harris was cited Monday for multiple driving infractions, including failure to use a seat belt, have a valid driver's license or proof of insurance. The fines were enough to get Harris suspended indefinitely yet again from the Oregon program.

On the surface, Harris' infractions don't seem to be that big of a deal. After all, there have been plenty of players who have been drafted -- and many as even first round picks -- who have been accused of much more troubling crimes than Harris'.

The problem with Harris is that he doesn't appear to be learning from his mistakes.

This is the same Harris, of course, who was suspended for the Ducks' season-opener against LSU after being ticketed for driving 118 miles per hour. According to the video surveillance camera aboard the police cruiser driven by the officer who pulled him over, Harris admitted to smoking marijuana while doing so. He also did not have insurance or a valid license during this stop -- the result of racking up thousands of dollars in fines from previous infractions in the state of Oregon and California (where he was raised).

NFL teams are going to be attracted to Harris for the same reason Ducks' head coach Chip Kelly is... the kid can flat play football. Harris, one of only four consensus All-Americans in Oregon football history, led the Pac-10 with six interceptions last season. He led the entire country with 23 passes defended. Furthermore, he led the country with four punt returns for scores. Harris added a fifth non-offensive touchdown by taking one of his interceptions back for a score, as well, last season.

Despite the fact that he's been battling to get out of Kelly's doghouse for much of this season, Harris has already made an impact on the field. Though he only has nine total tackles on the year, Harris is tied for the team lead with five passes broken up, including intercepting his first pass of the season in the Ducks' biggest game (at least in the biggest game he played in) against Arizona State October 15.

While Harris is undeniably athletic, teams are going to have a hard time investing a first round pick in a player that they can't trust to stay out of trouble. More and more teams are recognizing that knuckleheads, regardless of how talented, can have a negative impact on the locker room and success on the field.

I've been a primary defender of the Oregon cornerback to keep him high on NFLDraftScout.com's rankings. Despite the fact that he's being listed as 2nd-3rd round prospect in our current rankings, I've been listing him among my Top 32.

I turned in my new Big Board to my editors just a few hours ago. For the first time this year, it did not include Harris. To earn my trust back -- and more importantly that of Chip Kelly and NFL scouts -- Harris will need to finally start to handle himself with some maturity.
Posted on: September 17, 2011 10:25 am

Reuter previews Saturday - Five Matchups to Watch

Each week my fellow Senior Analyst Chad Reuter has agreed to provide for NFLDraftScout.com/CBSSports.com a listing of his Five On The Spot, as well as the following Five Matchups to Watch.

Chad can also be followed on Twitter @ChadReuter. He and I often comment on the day's games as the action occurs. Should you want to scout "alongside" either of us, simply follow us there.

Five Matchups to Watch:

1. Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins vs. Notre Dame Passing Defense

Cousins' eyes probably looked the size of saucers as he watched the film of Michigan beating Notre Dame's secondary for big play after big play last week. He has the set of fine senior receivers (B.J. Cunningham, Keshawn Martin, Keith Nichol) and tight ends (Brian Linthicum, Garrett Celek) to run rough-shod over the Irish defense in a similar manner unless Irish corners Robert Blanton and Gary Gray proves themselves more capable of playing the ball in the air.

NFL teams know Cousins is able to make throws from the picket, command a huddle, and possesses the agility to bootleg and make short to intermediate throws on the run. His arm strength has never been his greatest asset, however, so this contest gives him a chance to prove he is willing and able to test cornerbacks down the field with well-placed throws to the sideline when his receivers have the one-on-one match-up they desire.

2. Pittsburgh DE Brandon Lindsey vs. Iowa RT Markus Zusevics

Lindsey was part of a strong triumvirate of defensive ends in Pittsburgh the past couple of seasons, at least when Jabaal Sheard and Greg Romeus were healthy. He now stands alone on the strong side, and in this game faces against an underratedly tough and athletic Zusevics.

Lindsey had lined up on the weak side before Sheard headed off to Cleveland in the second round of last year's draft, but the presence of future NFL starting left tackle Riley Reiff will probably keep him battling Zusevics most of the game. Riding Lindsey around the pocket and protecting the inside rush lane will show scouts Zusevics has the potential to be reliable in pass pro at the next level, while Lindsey's strength against the run answers critics' questions about his ability to play on early downs against NFL linemen.

3. Auburn LT Brandon Mosley vs. Clemson DE Andre Branch

Mosley is a former junior college defensive end and tight end who stepped into the starting right tackle spot during the Tigers' BCS championship season last year. Now on the left side, he'll face an explosive group of Clemson defensive ends led by senior Branch.

Although Mosley is quite athletic for his 6-foot-5, 305 pound build, but he'll need to be quick and fluid in his lateral movement and prove his anchor against the surprisingly strong bull rush of Branch and true freshman Corey Crawford (who looks like he could live up to wearing former Clemson star end Da'Quan Bowers' number 93 jersey) if he wants to show scouts he could stay on the blind side in the NFL.

4. Temple LG Derek Dennis vs. Penn State DTs Devon Still/Jordan Hill

Last season Temple defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson opened eyes with his performance against the Nittany Lions, eventually leading him to declare for the draft and be selected in the first round by the New York Jets. Though not likely to be picked that high, Dennis could be the Owl whose draft stock climbs after facing talented Big Ten prospects.

His thick frame, brute strength and fair short-area quickness matches up well against both the highly-regarded, athletic Devon Still and the less-heralded but active and strong junior Jordan Hill. If Dennis can stop the advances of the Still and Hill combination early in the game, the 6-foot-3, 328-pound left guard should be able to wear them down as the contest progresses, just as Alabama's line did last weekend. Temple's tough junior running back, Bernard Pierce, will take advantage of the space Dennis can create.

5. Florida International WR T.Y. Hilton vs. Central Florida CB Josh Robinson

This battle may be a bit under the college football radar, but Hilton's seven-catch, 201-yard, two-score Friday night performance against Louisville last week did get him in the national spotlight. Robinson's talent has also been clear to scouts since he picked off six passes as a true freshman for the Golden Knights in 2009. Now a junior, he faces his strongest test yet in Hilton.

FIU will undoubtedly move their star playmaker around to try and find openings in the UCF defense. But any time Robinson lines up across from Hilton, scouts will watch whether the corner has the speed to trail the receiver effectively as well as fight for the ball or close quickly to dislodge it from Hilton's hands.

Honorable mention
Ohio State C Mike Brewster vs. Miami (Fla.) DTs Marcus Forston/Micanor Regis
Northern Illinois QB Chandler Harnish vs. Wisconsin CB Antonio Fenelus
Stanford WR Chris Owusu vs. Arizona CB Trevin Wade
Arkansas RT Grant Freeman vs. Troy DE Johnathan Massaquoi
Washington RB Chris Polk vs. Nebraska Front Seven

Posted on: August 14, 2011 10:54 am

2012 Preseason Watch List Now Available

As promised earlier, the 2012 Preseason Watch List is now available for purchase and immediate download.

I can't begin to describe to you the amount of film work and detail that fellow Senior Analyst Chad Reuter and I put into forming the 100+ pages of this guide. Each year we try to improve the preview and I believe we've done so again this year, as we've elected to offer profiles on the top underclassmen, as well as many of the elite senior prospects throughout the country, to give our readers the best possible preview of the players expected at this time to be getting "green room" invitations to attend the 2012 NFL Draft.

How many players from your favorite college team could end up playing on Sundays next year?

Which college stars can help improve your NFL favorite squad's weak spots so they can make a run for the playoffs in 2012?

For just $14.99, the experts at NFLDraftScout.com  will help you answer those questions with the 2012 Preseason Watch List.

So don't wait until the Senior Bowl or Scouting Combine to begin tracking next year's top NFL rookies -- be in the know RIGHT NOW!

Your downloadable PDF includes:

  • Information on more than 400 ranked prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft
  • Detailed evaluations of the Top 100 prospects (the full, traditional NFLDraftScout.com profiles -- not the mini Strengths/Weaknesses provided elsewhere)
  • Position-by-position outlook
  • Preseason value board
  • And much more, including insight from NFLDraftScout.com Senior Analysts Rob Rang and Chad Reuter.
Should you purchase the guide and not be 100% satisfied with the product, I urge you to contact me and I will personally refund your payment. That's how confident I am in our product.
Posted on: August 8, 2011 4:45 pm
Edited on: August 10, 2011 6:07 pm

Putting final wraps on the 2012 Watch List PDF

With 8.3 million people tuning in each day of the 2011 NFL Draft coverage, clearly there is a love affair with the player selection show.

It also entertains me to see how the draft hype brings some of the casual fans out of the shadows.

Draft enthusiasts reading my NFL Draft blog in late August aren't casual fans. They're hardcore.

They're the ones who -- like numerous NFL personnel I've spoken with this summer -- know that when it comes to the draft, no one does it better than NFLDraftScout.com.

As such, I'm pleased to announce that once again we will be offering a detailed preseason guide for those of you who simply can't get enough NFL draft information.

Over the past few weeks, NFLDraftScout.com Senior Analyst Chad Reuter and I have been working hard on this very detailed (the rough draft is 102 pages!) that provides you with rankings, profiles and numerous articles. In years past, Chad and I have limited the rankings and profiles to only seniors. However, this year, with the presumptive No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck being a redshirt junior we thought it only appropriate to include the top rated underclassmen in our profiles. Want to know how we feel about Luck? Matt Barkley? Landry Jones? Justin Blackmon? Alshon Jeffery? Brandon Jenkins? Cliff Harris? We've got them all and many more.
So don't wait until the Senior Bowl or Scouting Combine to begin tracking next year's top NFL rookies -- be in the know RIGHT NOW! Your downloadable PDF includes:

For just $14.99, the experts at NFLDraftScout.com break it all down in the 2012 Preseason Watch List.

* Information on more than 400 ranked prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft* Detailed evaluations of the Top 100 prospects * Position-by-position outlook
* Preseason value board
* And much more, including insight from NFLDraftScout.com Senior Analysts Rob Rang and Chad Reuter.

We've put enough time and effort into this thing that I've literally put off my honeymoon... As such, I'm taking the week off to enjoy some  vacation with my new bride. Here is a link to the 2012 Preseason Watch List order site.  Enjoy!

Posted on: April 28, 2011 12:21 pm
Edited on: April 28, 2011 12:39 pm

Draft questions? Twitter Q/A at 1 pm ET/10 am PT

One of the more enjoyable elements of draft day for me is getting the opportunity to talk with fans and other members of the media as we speculate all of the big stories about to unfold on primetime television.

If you missed our draft chat last week , here is your opportunity to get caught up in all of the latest breaking rumors.

All you have to do is follow me on Twitter and send me questions @RobRang. I've got nearly a dozen radio interviews lined up today before, during and after the draft and will be jumping on with CBS' televised coverage of the draft througout the evening, as well. But before I do that, I wanted to carve out a bit of time where we can talk. I'm just a fan, myself, who was fortunate enough to build this passion into a career. I know first-hand that sometimes the fans know their teams and the players every bit as much (or more) than the so-called experts.

My only request... let's leave the courtroom drama for the lawyers. For these next three days, at least, we get a break in the dreariness that has been this year's NFL offseason.

Let's talk some football.

Again, just follow me on Twitter and send me any and all draft questions at @RobRang. I'll do the rest...

I'll be taking your questions for a full hour from 1-2 pm Eastern/10-11 am Pacific.

See 'ya in 40 minutes or so...

-- Rob Rang

Posted on: April 20, 2011 4:09 pm
Edited on: April 20, 2011 4:18 pm

Have questions? Live chat tomorrow at 1:30 pm ET

With literally dozens of radio, video and print interviews scheduled over the next week, I've called upon my fellow members of NFLDraftScout.com to aid in keeping the blog updated daily -- as loyal readers have come to expect.

In doing so many interviews, I have been unable to spend as much time answering questions on my Twitter account and on chats, as I've done in the past. Though I've been fortunate to rise in this business of NFL Draft analysis, I'm a fan, myself, and identify more with other fans oftentimes than I do other members of the media. I very much enjoy the opportunity to interact with fans and hope that you'll join CBSSports' writer Mike Freeman and myself tomorrow (Thursday) at 1:30 pm Eastern Time in a chat.

Should we pack the house tomorrow, I will do my best to schedule another chat before next week's draft.

Here is the link to tomorrow's chat.

Thanks. Hope to "see" you there.

Rob Rang

p.s. For those curious about how accurate I've been in the past -- here is a link to a an old chat or two from previous years...

Posted on: April 16, 2011 1:27 pm

Have questions? Call-in to live radio 6-8 pm ET

With the NFL draft now less than two weeks away, I'm spending less time on the blog and writing articles and more time doing interviews. Typically, these are of the 15-20 minute variety for national and local sports radio stations across the country.

However, for two hours this evening, I'll be hosting the first official "Rob Rang Show" on KJR AM Seattle and I encourage anyone who is interested in the NFL Draft to not only listen, but to call in with their questions.

As you can imagine with a Seattle show, much of the discussion from local callers will likely focus on the Seahawks and the local collegiate talent expected to be selected in the draft -- Washington quarterback Jake Locker, outside linebacker Mason Foster and Eastern Washington running back Taiwan Jones chief among them.

However, I don't want to get trapped into just talking about the local teams. I've either done or will be doing radio spots this weekend in Alabama, California, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Florida and Texas, as well as a spot on Sirius NFL radio. I hope that some of those listeners will call in and enliven the conversation to my show too.

We are scheduled from 6-8 pm Eastern Time (3-5 Pacific) and have two guests lined up -- Michigan offensive lineman Steve Schilling (a Seattle-area native and potential fit for the Seahawks) and Oregon State running back Jacquizz Rodgers -- one of the more underrated runners in this year's draft.

Care to listen in -- or better yet -- chime in?

Come on over. It's free. It's easy. And we're talking football... for two hours.

Link to: Sports Radio 950 KJR AM
Click the "Listen Live Now" link.
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