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Teams looking to trade? More complicated in 2011.

Posted on: April 10, 2011 3:54 pm
Much has already been made of how the lack of a CBA will restrict teams from adding veteran players through free agency and trade.

Though teams will still have the ability to trade picks from the 2011 class (as well as future classes), they may be less willing to do so, according to league sources.

That's because teams don't know the contract parameters of the players they'll be selecting.

Put simply, under the old CBA, teams have the option of offering a six-year deal to players drafted among the first 16 picks. This isn't to say that every team would get their player to sign a six-year deal, but the team has that option. Players drafted from No. 17-32 can be offered only a five-year max deal. Any players drafted after the first round can only be given a four-year maximum contract.

With no CBA in place, it is anyone's guess if the old rules will apply to this year's draft class.

That fact might make it less likely that a team drafting in the top half of the first round would want to drop into the second half... or lower.  Teams aren't going to want to give up the extended time in which they hold a player's rights -- especially in a year when rookies may not be able to contribute much early. Rookies, like every other NFL player, won't be allowed contact with their new coaching staffs until after an agreement is forged between the union and team owners.
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