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Tebow has been "terrible" in previous workouts

Posted on: March 17, 2010 10:29 am
The hype surrounding Tim Tebow's Pro Day this morning will likely create some unrealistic expectations among the media and fans.

The reality is the vast majority of scouts, front office executives and coaches have already made their assessments of Tebow. They've had four years of his playing against SEC competition to make those assessments. How he performs today - against no defenders - won't likely impact their grades one way or the other.

That said, today's workout reminds me of a conversation I'd had earlier in the year with a high ranking official of a team expected to draft a quarterback this April.

The source, who had gone to the Florida campus and scouted Tebow throwing in practice was hardly complimentary.

Little time was spent talking about Tebow's elongated release. We'd discussed this in the past. The source believed Tebow's motion could be corrected with time.

The focus of the conversation was Tebow's accuracy.

He was "terrible" I remember the official saying. "He was spraying the ball all over the place -- and this was against air, Rob, just air."

Considering that Tebow will be throwing against just air again this morning -- and at least partially concerned with shortening his release, not necessarily his accuracy -- many scouts are expecting Tebow to struggle.

Perhaps what makes Tebow so intriguing to some, however, is that he has shown an ability to step up his game in critical situations. The decision by Florida to allow fans into the stadium could make this environment all the more like a game -- which considering Tebow's career winning record of 35-6 as the starting quarterback and all of the scouts in the stands -- that might help him ratchet up the competitive juices.
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